Seafood paella.

Paella catering Sydney. 2019 review

2019 we had a wonderful year, full of different celebrations around Sydney and Central coast, doing paella catering with passion and dedication.

We had functions from down south Wollongong up to Lake Macquarie and covering all suburbs in between. Special attention to our mobile catering in Central Coast, it was very popular with the residents.

For the first time, after 6years in the catering industry, we had a full Vegan Oxford Falls. It was a really nice experience. From designing the menu for the young couple, doing a tasting day and doing the paella catering for 110 people was very satisfying. I’m pretty sure that we are going to have many plant-based functions in the coming years.

Moreover, we had done 2 wakes in Northern Beaches. Most importantly, it was a fun celebration for all the guest. We did meat paella and seafood paella and some tapas.

In conclusion, next time you are in a house party and you hear paella man is here…we hope that you are going to have a great experience. Starting with the cooking the onions in the big pan and having the real cooking show at home, is unique.

paella catering Sydney

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