Spanish tapas,

Mozzarella & Tomato skewers

Spanish chorizo tapas


Yummy tapas


Jamo serrano tapas

Jamón & Rockmelon

Popular tapas


Stuffed peppers

Fresh Piquillo Peppers

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Salmon & Cucumber boat

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Vegetarian Tarts

An enticing selection of Spanish ‘finger food’, prepared on-site at your event.

Spanish Omelette

With potato, onion, leek and dressed with home-made lime aioli (V)

Jamon & Rockmelon

Traditional Spanish Serrano ham and rockmelon drizzled with basil oil


Spanish chorizo cooked in sherry wine and topped with caramelised onion

Piquillo Peppers

Fresh piquillo peppers stuffed with chicken, coleslaw, onion and parsley

Salmon & Cucumber boat

Cucumber with cream cheese, dill and smoked salmon

Vegetarian Tarts

Mushroom and zucchini tarts topped with Romesco sauce (V)

Mozarella & Tomato Skewers

Mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, basil and garlic dressing (V)

Gazpacho with a twist

A cool and refreshing tomato based soup with watermelon. Originally from the South of Spain (V)