New Tapas and Dessert on the Menu.

We are so excited launching new tapas and dessert for our new menu.

The best way to start your special celebration with authentic Spanish Tapas.

1-Boccocini cheese, tomato cherry, black salt and pesto dressing. Served in mini paella-pans. Great tapas for Vegetarians.
2-Spanish black pudding, romesco sauce, Manchego cheese served in a crusty bread
3-Alfajores, Spanish style macaroons stuffed with caramel sauce. Irresistible little sweets to finish your meal.

You can check them in here

P.D. We have updated some pictures too.


“No Mess, No Stress and only the Best”-Paella Show Catering Sydney

Tapas and paella for your party           Paella Show-23            Paella Show-149



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